No-Sew Cupcake Princess Costume

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Has your daughter, niece, or granddaughter requested that you be their very own fairy godmother and turn them into a princess this Halloween?

Don’t freak out just yet, and don’t go thinking that you need an army of mouse helpers to do the sewing for you either. We have a super simple last minute Cupcake Princess costume that will have your little one ready for the ball in no time.




Tulle; 2 rolls, 6 inches x 20 yards each (I used 1 roll of pink and 1 of pink sparkles)

4 Tulle Pom Poms (I used the 10 inch size. The pom poms give the skirt extra poof.)

Headband ribbon (1 ½ ” wide; comes in a 4 yard roll; It is stretchy. You will need enough to go around your child’s waist and head.)

Ribbon with small Pom Poms (The ribbon should have small holes; you will need to thread small strips of tulle through it.)

Small Cup Cake (I got one at Michael’s made of soft squishy plastic, about 1 ½ “)

Onesie (or small shirt to fit your child)

Super Glue (or use a hot glue gun)


How to do it:

Step 1: Cut tulle into 6″ x 14″ strips. I cut the whole roll.

Step 2: Thread the tulle through the headband ribbon. I threaded the tulle through the holes alternating pink and sparkly tulle. The more layers of tulle you use the fuller your skirt will become.

Step 3: Fan out the pom poms. I found the white tulle pom poms on sale at Michael’s for $2.50! They come flat. They need to be fanned out to make a ball, like this: (photo)

Step 4: Tie the 4 pom poms onto the skirt, spacing them evenly. The pom poms I used came with strings. If yours did not, you can use thread or dental floss to attach them. The pom poms give the skirt a little extra fluff. (P.S. You can never have too much fluff!)


Step 1: Cut the tulle into four 6″ x 4″ inch pieces. long.

Step 2: Use a small piece of string or ribbon (whatever you have lying around). Stack the tulle pieces you just cut. Tie the string or ribbon around the center of the tulle stack to make a bow.

Step 3: Cut a piece of headband ribbon to fit your child’s head. Tie a small knot to make a circle.

Step 4: Attach the cup cake onto the center of the bow with Super Glue or a hot glue gun.

Step 5: Attach the cupcake bow onto the headband with Super Glue or a hot glue gun. Make sure glue is completely dried before trying on.

Shirt/ Onesie:

I added the pom pom ribbon that I had and sewed it around the sleeves. If that feels beyond your expertise don’t stress! You can use hot glue to glue it on.

Most important final step: Take a deep breath and remember it is a Halloween costume. If your lines aren’t perfectly straight or something’s a little off it will still be okay. Your Cupcake Princess will still make it to the ball!

Bippidi boppidi boo you’ve got a princess! Have you made a princess costume this Halloween? Tell us about it in the comments below or better yet, tag us in your Halloween photos on Instagram @Mousewives!


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