Is DisneyPlus Worth Your Money? The MouseWives (and a MouseHusband!) Weigh in

As The Gemma, I say…

“I won’t be buying it,” said my usually-pro-Disney-husband when I enthusiastically announced that Disney Plus streaming would soon be available.

“Well, I plan to,” I said in response, sure I would win him over as soon as he heard all about it. I mean, really…all those good old Disney movies and shows! What’s not to love? And how could we NOT get it?

Winning him over proved to be a little more challenging than expected. So… as he drove us the 18 hours between Disney and home this past week, I read aloud some of the information available online and then “interviewed” him for this post.

First, the Price…

At approximately $7 per month or $70 per year, Papa R noted it is slightly cheaper than Netflix, which he subscribes to, and it’s cheaper than Amazon Prime—my preference for now.

Based on Disney’s track record, we are both pretty certain that $7 will soon be a thing of the past, though how quickly that happens is anyone’s guess. The price isn’t low enough to lure Papa R away from Netflix, but if we added it, it wouldn’t break the bank.

“I’m more interested in content than price,” R said.

Then the Content…

Now, this is where I started to get really excited. As I read the list of programming, I found that not only will we have access to old favorites like Mary Poppins and Ink and Paint, andnewer favorites like Inside Out, but there’s lots of “behind the Disney scenes” stuff too. They will have shows about the Imagineers and the making of various films and series. And then there are some original shows like “Be Our Chef,” where families compete in cook-off competitions.

R’s response? “Well, that sounds interesting, and I’m sure we’d watch some of it, but all the time? Not likely.” R predicts the service will appeal to Disney lovers, kids, and women, but not necessarily to men.

“Even with the Star Wars and Marvel stuff?” I persisted.

“Most of us have seen all that,” R said. “And ABC-style shows don’t appeal to me at all, if that’s what they have in mind for the series shows. According to R, Disney will have to do some targeted marketing to men if they want to appeal to his demographic. And they will need to have something up their proverbial sleeve besides Marvel. “I’ve got superhero burnout,” he said. “Disney has a ways to go before they lure male adults away from Netflix.”

Will We Buy It?

Let me just say that I’m not much of a TV watcher.  I prefer getting lost in a good book or doing just about anything other than sitting around watching TV. But, given the “behind the scenes” programming and the Hallmark-ish comfort of watching traditional Disney fare…this mousewife might just turn into a couch potato.

As The Newbie, I Say…

Disney Plus, Disney’s new online video streaming service, and what is already being called Netflix’s biggest rival, will launch this November.

The first thing that comes to my mind is this: it’s about time Disney! They are one of the leading entertainment giants in the industry and I for one have been wanting a better way to watch their movies since Netflix’ selection of Disney content was always pretty sparse. No, Netflix I do not care to watch Lilo and Stitch 2, or any other sequel from Disney’s animated movies for that matter. Did anyone else notice that it seemed Netflix really only had those B rated Disney films? They did have a few newer releases here and there like Zootopia and Big Hero 6, however, they were usually only available for a short time.

Now it looks like Disney will be pulling any Disney related content from Netflix’s shelves and this includes affiliate companies like ABC, Marvel, and Star Wars, just to name a few.

Now, when this news was released I was elated. My thoughts went to The Mickey Mouse Club, Old Yeller, Babes in Toyland. The list of Disney classics is endless! However, it seems, according to the list Disney released of available content included on Disney Plus, they have forgotten to include the roots of their very company. The talent that Walt personally oversaw and helped to create is missing from the lineup. There are a few of the well-known classics like Snow White, the original Parent Trap, and some of the Mickey Mouse shorts, however, I am missing the shows and movies I could so visibly see Walt’s fingerprints on.

The highlight of this streaming service versus others such as Netflix is that it’s cheaper. Yep, you heard me right folks, something with a Disney label actually has a cheaper price tag attached to it. Disney Plus is $6.99 a month or $70 a year. Netflix is $14 a month. However, Disney Plus is only for family-oriented entertainment. The company said they will also be launching ESPN Plus for sports-related content and Hulu will have more adult-related content. It is assumed that a bundling option will soon later be available to have access to all three, however this will only drive the once thought to be “bargain” price upwards.

Final thoughts? The price is definitely sucking me in. I’m disappointed that the classic shows aren’t available, at least not right now. I’m hopeful that in the future they will add entertainment from the Disney Vault, but for now since it’s cheaper than Netflix I feel like it’s just such a bargain that I can’t not get it. I think that is probably part of the reasoning behind the low price and to that I say, “Well done Disney. You got me”.

What do you think about Disney Plus? Are you going to buy it?

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