Bringing Home the Magic: 5 Ways to Bring Disney Magic to Your Workspace

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to wake up every morning for 5 wonderful months and spend my workday at the most magical place on earth during my Disney College Program. I remember waking up in Patterson Court, my Disney-owned apartment complex. Palm tree branches could be seen out my window as the bright Florida sun would stream in my bedroom, I would hug my Pluto pillow pet and my Expedition Everest Yeti plush wishing for just a few more minutes of sleep. But then my Minnie Mouse alarm clock would ring and I knew I was going to be late if I didn’t get up to turn it off. I would often turn on the music on my Cinderella snow globe as I readied myself for the day. “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” would quietly jingle from the little springs in the music box as I pulled one of my costumes out of my closet. I would often say that “little mice” had created my costume just for me.  I donned my blue khaki shorts, white button up shirt, tan mesh vest, my camera harness, white Reebok princesses, and last but certainly not least, my treasured name tag–always worn on my left side, of course. As I walked out of my bedroom, careful not to wake my roommate, I would splash just a bit of Laila perfume on from the Norway pavilion in Epcot. And with that I was on my way to the bus stop to catch my ride to Animal Kingdom. “Jambo!” our bus driver would say as we climbed aboard. It was another morning and another opportunity to create some magic.

While I don’t have the opportunity to work for Disney anymore, I try my hardest to bring the “Disney Magic” into my workday.

1.Candles/Air Freshner-

As we’ve learned from Figment, smells can be a powerful thing. It’s a scientific fact that smells help aid our memories. And what better way to remember Disney than through your favorite smell? There are lots of options to bring Disney scents into your work space. If you work in an office I suggest one of these car air fresheners to bring some Disney memories to your commute. If you work at home, Etsy has some wonderful candle shops that specialize in Disney scents as well. My favorite is the Dole Whip inspired candle from Maple and Whisky Candle Co.

2. Disney Resort Mug-

I think my family may think I’m a little crazy, but basically the deciding factor for my husband and I choosing to purchase the meal plan on our last Disney vacation was because we received 2 free refillable resort mugs. I cannot tell you how much I love my resort mugs. I hand wash them, I have a special spot in my cabinet for them, I only use them on Fridays (because you need a reward for making it to Friday, right?), I don’t let other people use my resort mugs. They’re my *special* mugs. Don’t touch. But why I love them so much is because they bring back such wonderful memories of strolling through Pop Century Resort. We had the whole day spread before us. “What are we going to do today? Epcot?” “Maybe we could try to catch a bus to Hollywood Studios?” “Let’s stop at the Polynesian for breakfast first!” I love reliving those memories, even if it only lasts until I finish my last drop of coffee.

 3. Disney Music Loops

My daily workload can sometimes get a little monotonous and routine. My favorite way to bring some more liveliness into the day is to listen to Disney music loops. Disney music loops are recordings of the background music they play in different lands, parks, or resort areas. You can even listen to audio from your favorite attractions. Many Youtube channels are dedicated to recording Disney audio and creating Disney park playlists. My favorite channel is Mr. Theme Park Audios- That way I really can, in a way, say to myself in the morning “Where do I want to go today? Animal Kingdom? Let’s listen to The Carousel of Progress for a while!”

4. Disney Bounding-

Last time I wrote a blog post I wrote about subtle Disneybounding for Beauty and the Beast. This is one of my favorite ways to bring Disney into my workday. Whenever I Disneybound I feel inspired by the character and their story. Thinking about their story and their “happily ever after” always inspires me that no matter what problems may arise that day I can get through it “with a little faith, trust, and pixie dust”. You can read about Disney Bounding here. Can you guess which famous Disney character I Disneybounded below?

5. Souven-EARS

I love buying souvenirs from Disney. In more recent years, Disney has come out with lots of options for souvenirs you can bring into your workplace. At my office, I have a variety of Disney pins holding important documents up on my bulletin board, Disney pens, Disney post-its, and even Disney picture frames! I also like to bring in free Disney items I may have received, such as post cards or celebration buttons. Most of these items are functional for my work space but bring just enough Disney into my cubicle to help me remember the magic.

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Bonus: A Disney Attitude- We all know that Disney cast members are wonderful at their jobs. Whether they are in costuming, food and beverage, attractions, entertainment, custodial, or parking. All of these different roles play an important part in the “show”, and without one section the show could not go on.

I remember during my college program so many people would complain and be upset at the fact that they were working at a food cart or cleaning bathrooms. I even remember telling my mom before I received notification that I was to be a Photopass Photographer that if I received the role of custodial I was not even showing up for my internship!

Well, I am glad I did make it down for my internship because I learned a lot about the “show” and how the different roles are so important. (Disney uses the terms “show”, “roles”, “costumes” and “cast members” much like a theater because Walt believed that Disney World was like a performance). What if the floors were never mopped? The garbage was never taken out? What if no one was ever there to operate the Pirates of the Caribbean boats? Don’t even get me started on if Disney didn’t have food service cast members! (I need my popcorn, people).

I still remember a girl who was often on my bus to Animal Kingdom. She was a parking attendant cast member. While most people would stick up their noses at working in the parking lot and wearing a bright orange costume, she seemed to be so proud of her role. She always made sure that her hair was perfectly done and that her make-up was just right. She inspired me to always take my time to look my best, even if I was wearing knee length khaki shorts! It showed that she took pride in her role and that she knew it was a very important part to the whole of the show.

I think that no matter what job you have, whether it is an office worker, a waiter/waitress, a nurse, a teacher, a stay at home parent, whatever job you have, that it is so important to bring a positive Disney attitude into your day.  We should remember that we all play very important role in the show! And if one of the roles is missing, the show cannot go on. If you bring a happy, positive attitude to your work, the Disney magic will follow.

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