Bringing Home the Magic: Subtle Disney Bounding for Beauty and the Beast

I don’t know about you, but I can get pretty bored of my everyday routine. Wake up, go to the office, come home, watch tv, go to bed, repeat, repeat, repeat (I can so relate to the new Disney short Inner Workings!). I often feel like I need just a little excitement, creativity, and Disney magic brought into my everyday life. Disney Bounding outside of the parks is just the thing to put a little pixie dust in my step and make me whistle while I go about my work day.

Disney Bounding is when you take inspiration from Disney characters for your own outfits. Now, you may be thinking “There’s no way I can wear a costume to work or out in the real world!”. And you’re absolutely right. Disney Bounding is all about taking inspiration from a Disney character to put into your outfit, not recreating a costume. More recently I have seen Disney Bounding that can be very over the top and just too costume-y. In the parks I think that can be okay, but what I’m going for here is a subtle Disney bound that you can get away with in your everyday life.

It is most important to take inspiration from the colors of the character while still keeping your personal style intact. This is a fun way to add some Disney magic into your day, and best of all you most likely will have all of the pieces! For my Disney Bound examples I chose three of my favorite characters from the new live action Beauty and the Beast coming out this weekend.


For my first Disney Bound I, of course, had to choose Belle in her ball gown. To start this look I chose a yellow crop top and a yellow skirt to mimic the all yellow ball gown. I wanted it to be a bit more casual so that is why I went with a skirt and shirt as opposed to a dress. I then chose a hairstyle which is very much reflective of Belle’s hairstyle in the movie.To finish off the look I chose rose accessories since a rose plays a very big part in the movie. I gave the option here of two bags. I love the small rose purse, although that is not as subtle a choice as the rose tote bag. Lastly I chose brown ankle booties. This is something that is reflective of my own style, keeping the outfit from being too much of a costume.

Mrs. Potts

For my second Disney Bound I chose my favorite character from the movie, Mrs. Potts. I know in the live action film Mrs. Potts has more of a gold and white color palette, but here I chose to stick to the original animated version of Mrs. Potts. I wanted a girly, sweet outfit that was reflective of Mrs. Potts’ character. I chose to work with white, purple, and pink for my main colors and then bring in gold in the accessories. I felt that the volume of the a-line skirt was reflective of Mrs. Potts’ round shape and the shiny pearl earrings were reminiscent of her porcelain appearance. Again, I chose flats to reflect my own personal style and the bangles are something that I also like to wear in my everyday life, except for this look I opted for gold to stick with Mrs. Potts coloring.


My third Disney Bound is probably the most causal and the most subtle of the three. I chose Gaston because he is definitely one of my favorite characters to visit in the parks. If you haven’t had the opportunity to be in one of his meet and greets I highly recommend it. He is hilarious! I chose a red shirt since Gaston wears a red shirt in the film. He also has a yellow collar under his red shirt, but here I chose to do a yellow collar necklace since that is more reflective of something I would wear. I chose distressed jeans to make the outfit have a tougher feel. I then paired the look with a low ponytail which is reminiscent of Gaston’s hair. Again, I paired this look with ankle boots as a reflection of my personal style.

Have you ever done a Disney Bound outfit outside of the parks? Did you Disney Bound when you went to see the new live action Beauty and the Beast?



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