Pre-Trip Report: It’s a WONDERful Life Cruising the Panama Canal! Pt. 3 Ch-Ch-Changes…!

By: Sarah

Well Folks, so sorry for the long hiatus, but big ch-ch-changes have been happening around here! Last I left you I had just booked our bucket list Panama Canal cruise for 2017 and our 375-day countdown had just begun! As I said, 2016 brought a lot of changes for my household the most exciting of which is that I started a new job! Now, I had previously been with a company for over 15 years and though it was sad and scary to leave there – I just couldn’t turn down this new opportunity! But with this change brought a change to…my vacation days! I was starting over again with the bare minimum vacation days and no way of knowing if my two-week long Panama Canal cruise directly after our busy season would be approved! I started the job with two Disney trips already planned – our “Damsel in Distress” series and our “Happiest Family Reunion that Ever Sailed” – both of which were approved before I accepted the job. However, I took the job knowing that if I needed to – I would cancel the Panama Canal cruise because the job opportunity would be worth it long-term. (Sometimes being an adult is hard…especially when Disney is in the mix!)

Oh, and remember that last text from my husband? The one about “graduating” in order to go on the cruise? Well, this job was going to postpone that…instead of taking two classes at a time, I decided that while I was learning my new position, I would only take one. This meant that I would not graduate until the Fall of 2017, which would be several months AFTER the Panama Canal cruise.

So, now there are two reasons why I won’t be going the 2017 Panama Canal cruise, but as the months ticked by I just couldn’t bring myself to cancel the cruise. However, the Paid In Full date was looming…I mean rapidly approaching…I mean, I better cancel…Or…hmm?

To be continued…

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