Top 9 things to bring to Walt Disney World when traveling with a toddler Part 1

Packing for a Disney vacation can be daunting.  Packing for a baby or toddler can be downright overwhelming! Here are a few essential items that have helped us maneuver the parks with ease.
1. Cooling cloths: These are a life saver in the sweltering Florida heat, helping to prevent crankiness, and even heat-related illness. I often place these cloths on my little one when he falls asleep in the stroller.
2. Egg surprises: The ride lines can get really long for little ones. Things will go much smoother if you are prepared with little surprises and treats.  They can be rewards for good behavior or just keep them occupied for a little while. I often pack a few Easter eggs filled with stickers, lollipops, race cars, fruit snacks, etc.
3. Electronic device: When you drop $50 a person on a nice meal (a real treat for my husband and me) the last thing you want is to have to leave early due to an overly tired and bored child. We normally limit electronic time at home, so our son sees this as a real treat.
4. Your own stroller: Having worked in the Magic Kingdom as a stroller parker, I can tell you it is best to bring you own non-jogging stroller. While they have strollers for rent at the park, they can only be used inside the parks.  The seats are hard, they don’t recline, and they can get taken mistakenly by another guest. In addition, your child will just be more comfortable in his/her own stroller and will probably nap better.
5. Giant Hook-N-Go Clips: These puppies will come in SO handy when you have accumulated shopping bags and resort mugs. You can just clip anything on the stroller or backpack and go!

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